Mailers Oracle

Les Dutch 'Dutchy'
Founder of Mailers Oracle
      Brian Goodwin
'The Boss' Editor of Mailers Oracle

Yes the NCCC does have two magazines - rare in correspondence chess - and has done so since 1965 when Mailers Oracle was launched upon an unsuspecting NCCC.

With its illustrations, articles cartoons and quizzes, some have called it Natcor`s conscience, the Club's social magazine and even its fanzine. Known affectionately as the 'O', it is an independent, monthly publication with annual fees due in September (pro rata if you join during the year) and paid separately from your Club membership. The only criterion for membership of the 'Oracle Crew' is that you must be a member of Natcor.

The Oracle attracts a large group of Natcorians whose letters and articles comment on just about anything and everything, and reflect the prevalent views of its members. So it is entirely due to your letters, notes and articles that Mailers Oracle will continue to flourish.

If the 'O' crew sound like your kind of people, do consider joining by embracing club fellowship and contacting the editor at the address below for further details.

Are you a Flat Earther by Fred the Laird
Embarrassing Moments by Anthony Thistlewood
That was the Week by Bob Oliver
Did Poe like cats or Not by Tony Rixon
My Month of Culture by Richard Dixon
The Scary Dentist by  Fred The Laird
Letter Writing Can Bring Surprises by Chris Dowell
Happiest Days of your Life by Ken Law
Flight of Fancy by Warren Hibbert
The Bray Trophy by Marc Wakeham
House of an Art Lover by Matthew Boulton
Why I Like American Football by Anthony Thistlewood
Was Jesus a Buddhist? by Stuart Conway
Big Clear-Out Continues by The Boss

Plus the Limerick Competition, The Lobster Pot
and much much more in 16 jam-packed pages.

For a free sample copy send a 2nd class stamp plus name and address to me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll do the rest.