This team match is being played over 12 boards via email and began on 15th October. Owing to a very disappointing response from our membership Natcor players are having to face two opponents each.

If you would like to represent Natcor in future team events please let our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., know as soon as you can. NATCOR NEEDS YOU!

NCCC   The Comrades
Colin Lyne(W) ½-½ Conrad Goodman(C)
Colin Lyne(B) 0-1 Mirko Djuric (Ser)
Peter Dudeney(W) 0-1 Eduardo Mayer (Chi)
Peter Dudeny(B) ½-½ Hilmar Krueger (Ger)
Peter Dunks (W) 0-1 Harry Ingersol (USA)
Peter Dunks (B) 0-1 Andy Wosch (Ger)
Phil Drury (W) 0-1 Nelson Alvarez Villar (Arg)
Phil Drury (B) 0-1 Milan Vujadinovich (Srg)
Adam Spencer (W) 0-1 Vladimir Trofimov (Rus)
Adam Spencer (B) 0-1 Roberto Ducci (Ita)
Paul Pope (C)(W) 0-1 Jose Luis Ojeda (Ita)
Paul Pope (B) 0-1 Dennis Cravens (USA)
1 Total 11