The Stan Warren Memorial Tournament

Welcome to this very special one-off event marking the passing of one of Natcor's greatest servants, Stan ‘The Man’ Warren. The event began on 13th November for 12 months and consists of 2 sections, postal and server. Each section is divided into a number of groups and each player will play one game against each opponent in their group. The group winners will contest a final for the postal and server sections.

The postal groups are shown here and the server groups can be viewed via the links below.

Postal Group 1 
    1 2 3 4 5 Tot
1 Colin Lyne            
2 Peter Ackley            
3 Richard Dixon            
4 Brian Goodwin            
5 Graham Payne            


Postal Group 2
    1 2 3 4 5 Tot
1 Marc Wakeham            
2 Alan Beresford            
3 Anthony Thistlewood            
4 Paul Pope            
5 Stephanie Lawrence            


Server Group 1
Server Group 2
Server Group 3
Server Group 4