The National Correspondence Chess Club

The Object of the Club: "To foster friendship between members"

Anthony Thistlewood is our new Club President

Congratulations to Anthony who was voted in as our Club President following a members' ballot. Anthony will serve from 1st May 2021 to 30th April 2022.

News From The NBKO

The big news is that Anthony Thistlewood is back ready and able to take the reins of the NBKO. Don’t worry if you’ve posted/emailed anything to me in the last few days Anthony and I will sort it all out.

In terms of games things are reasonably quiet. The final of 166 is in its early stages, as is the first round of 169. I hear that the remaining semi final in 168 is proving to be a tough affair.

Section 170 requires just two more name to enable the draw to take place so come on guys first come first served. If you’ve not played a Knockout Tournament recently why not give it a go?

Marc Wakeham Gains CCE Title

Congratulations to our very own Chairman, Marc Wakeham, who has achieved a 3rd CCE Norm and gained the tite 'Correspondence Chess Expert'. Marc has worked hard over the last few years studying and practicing, and improving his rating steadily. Well done indeed!
The decisive game can be viewed here on the WCCF web site.

Come and Play in the APA!

We have now altered the rules for our Keith Richardson GM All-Play-All tournament so that groups of players can be more fairly matched according to ability. We feel that some members may be put off playing in the APA because they were very likely to be paired against much stronger players so we have now altered the criterea to address this concern. Please see our All Play All page for full details and playing rules.


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