Job Description for Editor of 'En Passant'

1. The Editor will require Microsoft Word and Exel or compatible equivalent software.

2. Select items for inclusion from the bank of book reviews and games,

3.  Read submissions and select the ones for publication.

4. Check spelling, grammar and punctuation on all items.

5. Copy all items into a ‘MS Word’ document. This allows the Editor to estimate the space required.

6. Reformat any items not in ‘MS Word’. Re-size ‘Exel’ tables for The Reg Gillman Continuous Tournament.

7. After deadline (usually 15th of the month), decide how many pages the magazine will contain: either 12 or 16.

8. Should there be insufficient copy for an edition contact Controllers for any updates not already reported.

9. The Editor’s decision on content selection is final. Surplus material may be carried over until a space is available in a later edition.

10. Finalise items for the new issue and proof read. A good tip from an old chap in the printing trade: “Read backwards and then you aren’t anticipating”. In other words don’t anticipate.

11. Maintain postal and email distribution lists in conjunction with the Treasurer.

12. Convert the final draft to pdf and forward to Distribution Secretary along with the latest postal distribution file and any enclosures to be printed separately.

13. Distribute electronic pdf via email distro