Job Description For Natcor Secretary

  1. Inform the membership of club news, meetings, elections etc. via 'En Passant' and the website.
  2. Deal with any queries from the members.

  3. Deal with incoming Club correspondence and general enquiries.

  4. Maintain the Club's historical data files in conjunction with the Historian.

  5. Maintain postal and email distribution lists for En Passant in conjunction with Membership Secretary.

  6. Provide regularly scheduled items for publication in EP or as appropriate.

  7. Forward postal distribution list and pdf version of EP and enclosures to Distribution Secretary.

  8. Distribute pdf version of EP and enclosures to email distro as Bcc (or equivalent) so that email addresses are hidden.

  9. Provide details of forecast international events for approval by ICCF World Tournament Director according to required schedule.

  10. Provide AGM and annual reports to the EP Editor for the May edition.