Job Description for Natcor Membership Secretary

  1. Membership List

    a) Maintain an up-to-date list of paid-up Natcor members.

    b) Supply an updated copy to the following officials whenever a change is made to the list:

         i) Tournament Controllers
        ii) Secretary
    iii) Chairman
       iv) ICCF Tournament Organisers
        v) Treasurer

    c) Update EP email distribution list and inform the Distribution Secretary of any changes required to the postal distribution list.

  2. New Membership Applications

    a) Confirm applicant is eligible to join according to NCCC/ICCF rules with reference to Committee if required.

    b) Acknowledge receipt of application form promptly.

    c) Liaise with the Treasurer to confirm appropriate membership fees have been paid.

    d) Once accepted, notify the following officers of new member’s details and requirements:

         i) Recruitment Officer so that a welcome pack can be sent.
        ii) Relevant Tournament Controllers so that any requested games can be organised.
       iii) EP Editor so that a welcome message can go into the next edition.

    e) Forward an updated membership list as per item 1b.

    f) Pay cheques etc. into bank account.

  3. Renewals (due 1st September annually)

    a) Attach a renewal form along with the July-August edition of EP for email recipients.

    b) At the end of August send a notice to the Webmaster for inclusion on the web site stating that renewals are due.

    c) Send members a general reminder via EP Editor by 15th September for inclusion in the Sep-Oct edition.

    d) Send a final reminder to non-renewers in good time for the November 1st cut-off date.

After the cut-off date:
e) Send a list of members who have not renewed to:

   i) Chairman
  ii) Tournament Controllers so they may remove deleted players from their tournaments.

f) Update the membership list accordingly and distribute as per item 1b.

g) Pay cheques etc. into bank account as soon as practicable.

4.  En Passant Distribution

Upon receipt of latest edition in pdf from EP editor:

a) Forward it to the postal Distribution Secretary along with any other items required for printing (membership renewal forms etc.)

b) Forward it to email recipients as ‘blind addressees’ (Bcc or equivalent) along with other items (membership renewal form etc.) as required.

5.  Data Protection

Handle all members’ personal details in accordance with our GDPR policy as stated on the Club’s web site.