Members' Testimonials

Warren Hibbert

Warren is a retired teacher from Swansea and writes:
I saw a request for Natcor members in 'Chess' magazine about 18 months ago. I decided to join so that my 2 chess poems would be published (assuming they made the grade) in EP. They did and were published in June 2014 ' Fischer/Spassky 1972 Iceland' and in September 2014 'Sicilian Defence as White''
After this I thought, "Why not enjoy a game of CC (by post - I do not possess a computer)?" so I joined the 'Friendlies Section' last April. After 60 years as a 'clown' at chess I have decided to follow the basic principles as found in my chess books and thus play my best chess.

Arthur Dawkins

Unquestionably it is the friendship shown by members to each other. In the years that I have been a member, the members, including the Staff, have always shown a sincere interest when I have been unwell and in hospital this meant a lot to me.
As far as the chess is concerned, I am not a very strong player, but I have always been able to find an opponent who could give me a good game.
I also like E.P very much,it is very welcome to my Inbox each month.
Keep up the good work. May Natcor last forever!!

Fred Margrave

Fred is a builder and plasterer from Doncaster and has been Natcor's Chairman and Honorary Secretary: 'I've been with Natcor over 20 years now and I cannot image ever leaving. It was the perfect solution to my problem, "I love playing chess". Although I did well in the Doncaster League, I was rushing home from work to rush out and drive 20 miles to a league game with phone calls and work unfinished. Although I pop in to the OTB chess evening now and then, Natcor provided me with the whole package in my own time. I've also made some great great friends'.

Craig Douglas

Craig has held a number of posts in Natcor including Honorary Secretary: 'I was introduced to Natcor by a chap called, Gary Fairclough, we were both on skill courses, in Preston, in digs, no money, playing chess to pass the dreary nights away. When I finished the skill courses and left some real friends they said, "Why don't you take up Correspondence Chess," the rest is history. Joining Natcor all those years ago, the overwhelming friendship of the chess-aholics, has never left our club; it means as much to me as playing chess. I've played opponents from Brazil, South Africa, Latvia and other parts of the world. What a diverse and interesting hobby it is. I've been to so many AGM's and social functions. It really is a great life and a great feeling of belonging. I'm looking forward to many more years of the same'.

Des Green

 Des is a retired schoolteacher from Birmingham and is currently Natcor's Treasurer: 'I found Natcor quite by  accident. I was looking to rekindle my interest in chess and utilised the world of Google to find a correspondence chess  club. I was requested to send an application form in and virtually straight away I was playing my first game via  e-mail against Jim Tabor. I looked at the variety of competitions available and entered both e-mail and normal mail competitions. I have found that the majority of players enjoy a good chat and all members are both courteous and  pleased to assist with any questions. I receive the Oracle magazine and I contribute on a regular basis. The range of interests amongst the membership is tremendous. I would urge anyone with an interest in chess to join Natcor. I joined in October 2006 and was asked to be the club's treasurer a short while after.